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Creative Wedding Table Number Ideas

Usually wedding ceremonies are associated with flowers, wedding cakes and, of course, lots of guests. Each guest contributes to the festivity of the ceremony and this festivity increases as number of the guests grows bigger. Therefore, every guest should be treated individually. The service will be started with the menu, food and drinks, table design, and also the wedding table number ideas that must be unique and creative. Thinking of […]

wedding dresses

Lace Wedding Dresses and Shoes

Lace is one of the finest materials, granting its owner femininity and making the owner adorable. These definitely are the characteristic features of lace wedding dresses. This material can have different patterns, and you can always find the unique one that is created just for you! Wearing a lace wedding dress, you will not remain unnoticed. If you are thinking about vintage wedding dresses, then go ahead with lace dresses! […]

Post Wedding

Post Wedding Activities

Post Wedding Activities Post Wedding For many couples, the wedding is not over once the reception is. Depending on the location of the wedding and the couple’s relationship with their families, often there are other activities that follow the main event. Let’s talk deeply about Post Wedding. One of the most obvious is a breakfast the day following the wedding. This is a time for everyone to touch base with each other, […]

Outdoor Wedding Reception Activities

Outdoor Wedding Reception Activities

Outdoor Wedding Reception If you are having your Outdoor Wedding Reception, that opens the door for many activities that would be hard to pull off indoors. You can plan games and activities based on the outdoor theme and carry that theme indoors if part of the reception is inside as well. Here’s what you have think about Outdoor Wedding Reception. Depending on where the reception will be held, you can plan […]

Naughty Bachelorette Party Games Free

Naughty Bachelorette Party Games

Naughty Bachelorette Party Games Naughty Bachelorette Party Games is a must have games. When you have a plan to do a party for bachelorette and maybe you want to do some naughty games, its an endless possibilties The activity can be semi naughty or you can make category for they full dirty games, which maybe will embarrassing. Here’s our tips about Naughty Bachelorette Party Games. Before planning any of these games, […]

Kids Table At Wedding Reception

Kids Wedding Reception Activities

Kids Wedding Reception Activities Kids Wedding Reception is one of the vital part of weddings. Not all brides and grooms want to exclude children from their wedding. Many are happy to welcome children into their wedding both as members of the wedding party and as guests. Here’s some Kids Wedding Reception tips and suggestion. Having children at a wedding, however, poses a myriad of problems. Do you leave the children to their […]